Sanibel is a light pink eye shadow that has reflections of gold to create a stunning finish. This eyeshadow was named for Sanibel Island, where you can find this exact shade of golden pink on the inside of the seashell found on the coast. 


*Best application is with a shadow brush. 

*Tap small amount of eye shadow into lid, 'swirl' brush in eye shadow, tap excess product into lid.

*Apply to eyelids in soft sweeping motion from the inner corner to outer corner.

*Intended as a base color to be used from lash line to eyebrow, but can also be used as highlighter or accent color.

Eye Shadow: Sanibel

SKU: 0019
  • Our eye shadows are made from all-natural ingredients and are beneficial for your skin. The natural minerals protect your skin, allowing for safe application of radiant color. The eye shadows can be lightly applied for sheer coverage or layered for more color, making all of our products very versitile.


    1.5g net wt.

  • Micas, Titanuim Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate

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